Social Causes


We are engaged in collecting and redistributing the food in the slum areas of the city, Our approach is to provide healthy & nutritious food to poor, hungry people at hospitals, stations, orphanages, street schools & slums by launching our free food distribution program. We also join hands with banquet halls, hotels to collect and redistribute their surplus food items leftover after any marriage or birthday parties thus reducing the food wastage.


We are engaged in mobile healthcare programs across West Bengal, providing free healthcare services to destitute elders. Cataract surgeries are one of the cornerstones of this organisation. Cataract is a leading cause of blindness in India. Pairing with several credible and competent hospitals, the organisation helps the poor elderly who cannot afford expensive medication for cancer. We also work towards providing palliative care to end-stage cancer patients.


We are on the mission to create a healthy, green and clean planet through tree plantation. Along with our diligent greening efforts, we strive to uplift and assist the rural communities, while promoting extensive agriculture across the nation and making it a happy-green paradise. We work with a vision of developing lush-green and bio-diverse sustainable world for the future generations by igniting a huge environmental revolution through trees.


Many students in India are dropping out of school before graduation, since their parents cannot to afford to provide uniform, text books, school bag and such other items. Their parents are mainly working in shops & establishments, market yards, hotels or work as auto drivers, rickshaw pullers, vegetable vendors, or domestic help. We motivate their parents through counselling sessions to send their children to school.


Women’s empowerment is to educate and train women with the skills and confidence necessary to earn a livelihood and lead a healthy and dignified life. Improving education for women helps raise their levels of health and nutrition and also reduces fertility rates. Education increases their self-confidence and enables them to find livelihood, and become a voice in the local policies that effect their lives.


Helping Hands is founded with the purpose of creating and spreading social awareness, ending blind beliefs and conservatism which are prominent in the society with the tool of education; and taking the youth towards the pinnacle of education, health and progress. We undertake various programs that are continued to be involved in meaningful, development driven initiatives for the weaker sections of the society.